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Thematic Web

Creating a Thematic WebThematic planning organizes the curriculum around a theme and integrates severaldevelopmental and subject areas. In this assignment, you will select a theme, analyze a topic,and create a for early childhood curriculum.Course Objectives• Develop an early childhood curriculum framework reflecting developmentally appropriatepractices and aligning with specific learning areas.• Apply state and national standards, principles, and guidelines for early childhoodeducation across content areas in alignment with developmentally appropriate practices.• Identify, describe, and implement teaching strategies to enhance cognition and logicalreasoning for early childhood age children.Directions:1) Save and print the Module 1 Analysis PDF.2) Create a Word or text document. For the narrative portions of theassignment, use 12-point Times New Roman or Arial font. You may selectthe fonts for your web design.3) Use APA (6th edition) format for the title page, references page, and in-textcitations. Use at least three references cited in APA (6th edition) format.4) Use Prezi, Mindmeister, Microsoft Word, or another graphing program to create a thematicweb for early childhood curriculum. The should integrate literacy,mathematics, science; cognitive/logical reasoning; and physical and social/emotionaldevelopment. If needed, conduct an internet search about s and view severalexamples before designing one of your own.5) In an introduction to the , identify the age of the group for whom you aredesigning the web: infants, toddlers, or preschoolers.6) Describe each activity in detail. In the description, explain how the activity promotes contentspecific acquisition, cognitive/logical reasoning, and physical and social/emotionaldevelopment.7) Align each activity to state and/or national standards.8) Follow the directions to submit the Word or text document.

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