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Answer The Following Sociology Questions

Wrotee an essay answering the following prompts:

1. Using what you learned from Simmel, Latane, and Darley, define the following terms: dyad, triad, and social loafing. Provide an example of how each term impacts communication.

2. Discuss Mead’s idea of social identity, using the terms I, Me, and Generalized Other to explain the concept.

3. Discuss how the looking-glass self and dramatology contribute to developing social identity.

4. According to Turkle, why is it hard to be alone? Why do people need to learn to be alone in order to have healthy social interaction?

5. Susan Cain explains that humans interact differently. Identify and explain three important learnings from her TED talk.

Please, check out the file that I uploaded for further instructions and information.

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