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Answer The Questions Below With No Less Than 150 Words For Each Question It Is Supply Chain Class All The Subject Is About Transportation

these are 2 different assignments

  1. Discuss a few examples of how transportation helps create place and/or time utilities.
  2. What’s the difference between oligopoly and monopolistic competition? Give two examples of each.
  3. What is the von Thunen ring?
  4. What financial ratios are more important in measuring efficiency and productivity than others? Discuss their importance.


  1. According to the DOT report, much of the regional transportation job growth is driven by growth in the large metropolitan areas. The highest number of job openings in transportation, including all six subsectors, will likely be generated in New York City,Dallas, Los Angeles, Houston, and Chicago between 2012 and 2022. Can you explain why this is the case?
  2. Look at page 13 of the DOT report and discuss the impact of an aging workforce on transportation. What areas are likely to be affected the most and why? What would be your advice to mitigate the potentially negative effect? And the gender balance on page 14?
  3. By watching the videos and doing online research (CSCMP, ASCM, and other professional associations usually have good resources on career choices), what are some of the transportation (logistics) jobs that you might be getting when you graduate? What’s your career path?

plz try to answer the questions from

plz do not use too many advanced words

English is my second language so make sure you write

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