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1: What is the watershed area of the Exeter River upstream of Route 111 in Exeter, NH

(Latitude 42°57’54.79″N and Longitude 70°59’17.79″W)? What should be the bankfull width, bankfull flow, bankfull mean depth, and bankfull cross sectional area? Make any and all reasonable assumptions that you believe are necessary to complete the questions, and state them clearly.

2: Compute the sediment competence (what particle size and % passing at incipient motion) at bankfull flow for the size distribution data in the following table. The PSD data in the table come from a riffle where: slope = 0.025, maximum dbkf = 4.7 ft, mean dbkf = 3.9 ft, Wbkf = 49 ft, k = 1.2, WFPA = 113 ft

3: Compute the bankfull discharge and the bankfull sediment discharge (Meyer-Peter, Mueller method) for the channel of problems 2.

4: On a meander bend, there are the following characteristics:

Bankfull depth = 1.3 ft

Bankfull width = 23 ft

Bank height = 2.1 ft

Bank angle = 78°

Average root depth = 1.7 ft

% of bank with roots = 7%

No soil stratification

Clay loam soil type (soft clay)

Plasticity index = 50%

No surface protection

Single thread channel

Radius of curvature = 48 ft

Near bank maximum depth = 2.8 ft

Estimate BEHI and NBS, then estimate the bank erosion rate. How would you describe incision at this location? What might be expected to be the maximum bank height at this location?

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