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Cloud Based Office Productivity Presentation

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  1. Resource: Add Audio to Your PowerPoint PresentationThe Vice President of Sales for your company has asked you for more information on cloud-based office productivity suites. He tells you that the Sales team is often remote and needs to be able to stay connected to the office. They need to be able to view price sheets, prepare memos and sales agreements, make presentations to clients, have access to their email and schedule, and attend meetings remotely. He asks you to present your productivity suite recommendation at next week’s team meeting.Create a 6- to 10-slide presentation about a cloud-based office productivity suite, identifying how each of the above needs can be met and the collaborative benefits provided by the suite.Your presentation must include:
    • A title slide (not included in the slide count)
    • Appropriate and relative graphics or images
    • Detailed speaker notes or recorded audio narration
    • Instructions on how to add audio to Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentations can be found on the Microsoft® Office® Support site.
    • A reference slide citing all resources used in presentation and speaking notes (not included in the slide count)

    Note 1: Students may use a presentation software of their choice. (Most students use PowerPoint, which is fine. Word and Excel are not considered presentation software).Note 2: Here is an article, although a little dated, which provides some good ideas: Google Apps vs. Office 365 vs. Zoho Docs, by Tony Bradley, PCWorld, Aug. 29, 2011: – You can research to find a more recent article to reference – Optionally, you can include a comparison of more than one cloud-based office productivity suite. Comparisons should show similarities and differences. Some students put the key features and costs in a comparison table.You can go over on the slide count by a couple if needed. Remember that either audio or Speaker Notes are required. Speaker Notes are an area below each slide where you add text describing more about what you would say about that slide. If you don’t know how to add Speaker Notes, doing a quick YouTube or Google search can show you how, its easy. Please spell-check all parts of the assignment including Speaker Notes.Submit your assignment.

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