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Confirm You Found Your Artist

Now that you’ve read about the Artist Profile Project, start thinking about research! The session moves fast and it’s a good idea to start early!

There are two things you need to do to complete this exercise:

#1 – Choose an artist to research.

#2 – Start collecting resources.

Look at the Approved Artist List and select an artist (you cannot use this one). You might want to explore a bit to find someone you’re really interested in learning more about. Once you decide, then you can surf the internet and locate at least three resources about your chosen artist. Later you’ll find more research sources but start with just three right now.

Need an example?

I selected Jackson Pollock as my artist. Listed below are three potential internet resources I found about this artist that I’ll explore for information to write my project.

Source #1.
Source #2.
Source #3.

Submit your work by identifying your artist (10 points) and including the three resources (5 points each)

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