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Critical Literature Review On SOCIAL MEDIA


Conduct acomplete review of the literature in appropriate journals, books, and current articles (nottextbooks, including the one for the class). In your written review of your findings, organizeyour summary of the studies/articles in some meaningful pattern (make sense of it all). A criticalreview of the literature on your focus topic requires that you make an argument of some sort,based on your findings. Tell us what the literature says, any limitations of the current literature,and your thoughts on what further research is needed. The sections of the paper includeIntroduction, Literature Review (what they say), your proposed Research Agenda (what yousay/discuss), and your Conclusion (brief summary).

A 400-450 word topic proposal should be submitted

The topic proposal should follow APA stylistic guidelines and include:

Proposed topic (1 sentence)
Why the topic is interesting and important, including a citation from at least one scholarly journal article (2-3 paragraphs)
Thesis statement (1 sentence)

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