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Homeland security is a generic term which is used to describe a unified, organized and concerted approach to protecting our nation from terrorist attack. That means that America’s vulnerability to terrorism will be reduces and in the event of such an attack, it would cause minimized damage. The homeland security office was created in October 8, 2001 by the Bush administration, as a result of the horrible events of 9/11. (What is Homeland Security, n.d.)

National security is a term that covers both national defense and foreign relations of the U.S. National security refers to the protection of a nation from attack or other danger by holding adequate armed forces and guarding state secrets. (US Legal, n.d.)

The difference between the national security and homeland security. After looking at the information about national security it covers national defense and foreign relations. Homeland security is generally associated with preparing and protecting the nation against terrorism and other hazards like natural disasters and public health emergencies.

The distinctions serve the interests of the citizens and institutions is a more focused manner. The security of the entities by government has to be an all-round one, rather holistic. This prerequisite is better fulfilled due to the above.

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