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English Composition Ll 3

Analysis Of the song ” Fix You” by Coldplay

Literary Analysis of a Song Needs:

  • Your essay should begin with an introduction, which 1) gets the reader’s attention and 2) includes a clear, well-thought-out thesis.
  • Your essay’s body paragraph should 1) begin with a clear topic sentence that refers back to the thesis, 2) include evidence from the song to support each topic sentence in the form of summaries, quotes, and paraphrases of lyrics, and 3) include in-text citations for each piece of evidence.
  • Each body paragraph should also include your commentary on the evidence, indicating why that evidence is significant and supports the topic sentence.
  • Your essay should be logically organized. Think about and answer this question: What ideas should be presented first for your explanation to make the most sense?
  • Your conclusion should reiterate your thesis and answer the “so what?” question: Why is it important for the audience to understand your interpretation of this song?
  • Your essay should be 550 words in length.

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