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Option 1 Northwind Data Warehouse Star Schema

Before you can complete this assignment you must install the database, which are attached on the word document. Only after you have installed and loaded the database you will be able to complete the assignment.

In this milestone you will design a data warehouse star schema using the Northwind OLTP database design. You are expected to follow the four-step process discussed in the textbook:

  1. Identify the business process: Which business process in the Northwind database design will you use to develop the dimensional model? Also, develop a set of business questions that should be answered via queries against the data warehouse.
  2. Identify the grain of the fact table: determine how granular a row in the fact table must be.
  3. Identify the dimension tables, their variables, and attributes.
  4. Identify the fact table, its variables, and attributes.

Deliverables for this milestone is a paper:

  • Describing the business process and business questions
  • Describing the grain of the fact table and why
  • Listing the dimension tables, their variables and attributes
  • Describing the fact table, its variables and attributes
  • Containing a diagram of the dimensions and fact tables in your dimensional model, the variables for each table, and the relationships between fact and dimension tables including cardinality

Your paper should be between 3-4 pages

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