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So this class is Managing Diverse Team.

CONTEXT / This essay is a reflection on your multifaceted social identity at this time in your life and how you are beginning to understand yourself in a diverse world as you prepare to launch into your imagined best future. In this essay, identify the personal and social characteristics of your life according to relevant and valued diverse group memberships, i.e., ethnicity, race, gender, national origin, religious affiliation, political preference, economic status, abilities, interests, educational and professional aspirations, etc. This will be a first-person narrative reflecting on the question: Who am I and how can I understand and contribute to a diverse workplace?

The essay should be a personal reflection on your present-day social identity. It should not be limited to a literal telling of each demographic or social group with which you might be affiliated. Your social identity is an accumulation and integration of diverse and multifaceted connections, experiences and social relationships that make you who you are as a person, and provides you with a sense of social belonging. In other words, what makes you unique and complex as a human being? Also, how would you imagine your emerging social identity in such a way that you will become more connected, relevant, interesting and effective in a future business or career setting? The readings from the first two weeks of class provide the background for this prompt. It is expected that your essay will include thoughtful reference to these works as evidence of your understanding.

ESSAY PROMPT / Who am I? What is my social identity: from which groups do I derive my values, interests, preferences, biases and commitments? How does my identification with these groups help me achieve and/or limit me today? How might my developing social identity help me to create future opportunity, contribute to a diverse workplace and point the way ahead in my professional life? (must be 1400 to 1500 words count)

You will have to pretend yourself as a male who is Asian (Vietnamese) and is majoring in International Studies -business with a Minor in Accounting. Base on some info I have attached below you can always ask me more about my social identity to write about it and make sure everything matches.

For readings, I have attached pdf file, You will need info in these readings (pretty short readings). YOU WILL ONLY HAVE TO READ THE READINGS FROM WEEK 1 AND WEEK 2.

Feel free to reach out to me any time and keep me updated. I prefer to receive the work early to avoid technical issue. There are also, writer kit, prompt essay, and format files below, please read through. In the Writer kit, i only provide some basic info of me. You can ask me more to fulfill your own story (MUST READ AND WRITE BASE ON IT, VERY IMPORTANT)

Please pass the work through grammarly and send me the report of turnitin

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