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Political Science 102 Final


Written ComponentInstructions: Please put your answers to all of the exam’s 5 written questions into one file, andsubmit it by 11:59PM (one minute before midnight) on Wednesday, December 18, to theTurnitin link posted under Assignments on Blackboard. Please make sure to do your responses inorder, and number them so that we know which question you are answering. Please do NOTinclude the text of the questions in the file you submit, only the question numbers of thequestions as you answer them. Each of the 5 questions is worth up to 20 points, so the wholeexam is worth 100 points total. Your response should be single-spaced and should require nomore than 2 pages at maximum. You should need most of the 2 pages to write a good andsufficiently detailed response to each of the questions, but please do not exceed 2 pages total.You should not need to cite any sources other than the lectures, the Kernell text, the EPIC videoand the Blackboard readings. Please do make sure to indicate when you are quoting from anysource, whether from in the class resources or outside them, and make sure to provide fullcitations for any sources you use that are not included in the class syllabus. Usually, it is a badidea to use any extracurricular sources because it is at the expense of the sources from class thatyou should be citing.

1. Please explain what is meant by “cracking and packing” congressional districts for partisan gain.

2. What does Popkin tell us about the way that people use information from their lives to vote incampaigns? How does he argue that political party can provide similar information shortcuts?

3. Professor Ingram has argued in this class that conflicts over rules are really conflicts overoutcomes. Please explain this statement and give an example.

4. What political tools and institutions were innovated in the campaigns for and against the EndPoverty in California movement?

5. What did we learn from watching the development of presidential campaign spots that wereshown on TV in the 1950s and 60s?

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