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NSG/531: Program And Course Development

Wk 1 – Philosophy Statement [due Mon)Wk 1 – Philosophy Statement [due Mon)

Assignment Content

  1. Before developing educational programs, educators look to the school’s philosophy for direction on developing the program. A philosophical statement is a foundational statement that defines beliefs and values and is a source for guidance and decision-making. This foundational statement embodies the guiding principles and beliefs that comprise the framework upon which the program and curriculum will be developed.
    Closely associated with the philosophy statement are the mission, vision, and values of the institution. The philosophy statement is written so that it aligns directly to the institution’s mission, vision, and values:
    • The mission statement defines the institution’s purpose.
    • The vision is what the institution aspires to be.
    • Values are the set of priorities that the institution considers most worthwhile for fulfilling its mission and realizing its vision.
    Part I

    Select a nursing program or school where you would like to be a faculty member.
    Research the school of nursing/program and locate the following:

    • The nursing school’s or program’s philosophical statement
    • The mission statement, vision, and values of the institution or of the nursing school/program itself

    Summarize the philosophical statement of the nursing program and analyze how the statement relates to the mission statement, vision, and values of the parent institution. In your summary:

    • Discuss whether the philosophical statement clearly describes the relationship to the following:
    • Human beings
    • Society and the environment
    • Health and wellness
    • Nurses and nursing
    • Explain the program’s view of each of the above. If the philosophy statement does not address all of the above, include subjects that were addressed.
    Part II

    Scenario: You are a faculty member at the school or program you listed in Part I. Recommend a change to one of the degree programs that would necessitate a revision in the philosophical statement.
    Identify the program you will revise and describe the rationale for the revision. The rationale should have an impact on most of the courses in the program.
    For the new/revised program, write a new philosophical statement. As you write the new philosophical statement, ensure that the new philosophy aligns to the institutional mission statement, vision, and values.
    Format your assignment as one of the following:

    • Concept map
    • Microsoft® PowerPoint® slide presentation (6-8 slides)
    • Paper (2 pages)
    • Infographic

    Cite at least 3 sources according to APA guidelines.
    Submit your assignment which consists of your summary from Part I and the details of the program, rationale, and new philosophical statement from Part II.Resources

    • Center for Writing Excellence
    • Reference and Citation Generator
    • Grammar and Writing Guides

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