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Title Page And Topic Rationale Topics Are In Bold Print In Bottom Part

Title Page and Topic Rationale Instructions

You will create a research paper for this course. You will construct the paper in parts beginning with the title page and a discussion of a rationale for the topic. This will allow you to get feedback throughout the process of writing a research paper.For this assignment, page one will be the title page, and your topic rationale will be on page 2.

Title Page: Include a Running head and page numbers in the header.The Running head is an abbreviated title for your paper (for example, if the paper title was Substance Abuse Counseling With Latin Americans, the left header might be: Running head: SUBSTANCE ABUSE).Page numbers begin on the title page in the right header (number only).Centered on the title page, between the top and middle of the page, is the Paper Title, Your Name, and Liberty University (no other information).Use Times New Roman, 12 point font for academic papers.Give your paper a title, do not use the assignment name.

Choose a culture other than your own.This paper is an opportunity to research and learn about a culture that you may currently work with, anticipate working with in the future, or would like to learn more about.

Choose a culture:

Asian Americans

Latin Americans

Native Americans

Middle Eastern or Arab Americans

African Americans

Subgroup: see note below

You may choose to focus on a subgroup, for example: Alaskan Indians, Mexican Americans, Korean Americans.Research will show common trends or patterns, but it is understood that a counselor or other human services professional would never over-generalize or make assumptions based on race or ethnicity.

Next, choose a counseling topic:

Substance Abuse


Grief and Loss

Marriage and Family

Guidance and Career

Mental Health

The topic rationale (on page 2) should be approximately ½ page, two paragraphs, and answer the questions below.Do not include the questions in your topic rationale; write in paragraph form.

1. Which culture and topic will you write your paper on?

2. Why did you select this topic?

3. Why is this topic important to multicultural counseling?


Submit the title page and topic rationale as a single Microsoft Word document. This assignment is due by 11:59 p.m. (ET) on Sunday of Module/Week 2.

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