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Week 3 Discussion 2 Ethical Behavior

Week 3 | Discussion 2: Ethical Behavior

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The ethical responsibilities required of you as a manager

Section 3.4 of your text discusses what constitutes ethics and values. There are four approaches to deciding ethical dilemmas: the utilitarian approach, the individual approach, the moral-rights approach, and the justice approach. To promote ethics, an organization can create a strong ethical climate, screen prospective employees, have a code of ethics, use ethics training programs, and reward ethical behavior.

In the video below, Dr. Sreedhari Desai describes three nudges that have been shown to reduce unethical behavior in the workplace: infusing accountability, displaying moral symbols, and using reminders of childhood.


Small Nudges Can Create Ethical Behavior (Links to an external site.)


Describe examples of these nudges mentioned in the video that you have observed at your current or previous employer and evaluate the extent to which you believe that these ethical nudges are successful.



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