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What makes a tax efficient? Discuss the key issues involved in trading off equity and efficiency in the design of federal tax systems. Draw from your readings and other relevant peer-reviewed policy journals in your supplementary readings and those you find through additional independent research. Don’t forget to give attribution to your sources.

250 word

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Respond to the following question:

Do you believe that prices should reflect the value that consumers are willing to pay or should prices primarily reflect the cost involved in making a product or service. Defend your answer. 250 word

The Foreign Exchange Market and the Financial System Structure View Full Description

What is the difference between a spot transaction and a forward transaction in the foreign-exchange market? What are the key differences between foreign-exchange forward contracts and foreign-exchange futures contracts? Why are forward contracts more widely used in the foreign-exchange market than are futures contracts?

Your initial post must be in your own words, be a minimum of 450 words in length, and be supported with a reference.

Forum Instructions

. Students should demonstrate their own knowledge in the forums and avoid copying and pasting from web sites. Responses will be graded directly from the Forums.

Make sure you are using credible sources in your discussions and assignments. Scholarly journals are the preferred source of credible/quality references. These consist of peer-reviewed articles published in academic journals related to the field, which are found via our Library. Websites such as Investopedia,,, or dictionary-type of websites limit the insight to the topics. Wikipedia is not acceptable as it is not a reliable or credible source of reference. The purpose is to bring in new information and how does it apply to our topic from a real-world perspective, instead of extending on definitions that are found in the book.

More information what a credible source consists of can be found here:

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