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As you begin Competition round 2, you will need to evaluate the results of your decisions from the first round. As a team, you need to discuss these results and decide which strategy you will choose for the second. Each member of the team should review the strategy for his or her role, and then a decision needs to be made on the overall strategy for the second round.

Task Assignment Part 1: Team Participation to Begin the 2nd Round

  • Log in to your account from the CAPSIM home page.
  • On the next screen, click on the “C#####” number to get into the course.
  • Left hand side, click on “Decisions” and then “Launch the web spreadsheet”.
  • Enter your user ID and password.
  • Begin the competition for Round 2.
  • Go to “Decisions,” and start making decisions.

Task Assignment Part 2: Yearly Summary Report

Use your textbook(s), course materials, and Internet sources to, as a team, prepare a PowerPoint presentation of 7 slides that justifies your strategic decisions for Competition Round 1 and implications for the decisions you are making in Competition Round 2. Your team will need to provide a brief executive summary “state of the business” slide, a synopsis of the key decisions for each product, the reasoning leading to the decisions, an assessment of the results of those decisions and implications for the next round.

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