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Create an Individual Anti-Bias Action Plan for implementing what you are learning. Create the plan to implement what you have learned for a classroom of children ages 3-5. Write your document as a WORD file.

Include the following sections, written in paragraph form:

1) The learning environment, including props, classroom decor, children’s books, curriculum-how will you choose them, what will you definitely include? 10 points

2) What interactions will you take with parents, children and fellow staff members and why? 10 points

3) What will you do to continue your personal and professional growth on the topics of diversity and anti-bias education? 10 points

4) What will you specifically do to make sure you think about anti-bias education and the celebration of diversity in your teaching? 10 points

Organization, completeness, spelling and grammar, quality of the reflection and overall paper. 10 points

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