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Ballet Choreographers Dance 2 Discussion 1 Paragraph

In one paragraph discuss the following:

  • Choose two choreographers or companies discussed in this module from the list below, and identity what values and perspectives are important to this choreographer. Select one dance video from each selection that you feel demonstrates these values through the dance. Be sure to describe specific movements to support your statements. (You may choose to select a video that is not included in the module.) Cite sources and include timestamps::
    • Agnes De Mille
    • Ballet Russe
    • Dance Theatre Harlem (Arthur Mitchell)
    • Ballet Hispanico
    • Lines Ballet (Alonzo King)
    • Jerome Robbins

    In the United States, ballet has encountered and absorbed, either directly or indirectly global influences from Europe, Russia, Africa, Asia, and Latin American countries.In addition, the European model of ballet has continued to evolve over the past century, as the very aesthiec values and structure have been challenged. As you look at the following companies and choreographers, look at these innovations:

    • Philosophical: Embraces global potential by focusing on universally human characteristics, belief systems, and inherent communication patterns that ballet has typically been resistant to.
    • Formal: Avoids presentational elements, storylines, distinct poses and positions, gender stereotypes, symmetric staging patterns.
      • Internal focus, inwardly directed energy, curving, yielding to the earth, twisting, tilting, collapsing, surrender, individuality.
    • Company Model: Shifting away from one “ideal” ballet body and the hi-hierarchical structure of ballet.

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