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Critical Analysis 2 4

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please read the case(A Bodice-Ripper Set in L.A.:)begin to write. don’t do over one page. About 300 words is fine APA.

follow this steps:

1. IN ONE SENTENCE, provide a summary of the article (DO NOT MENTION the COMPANY/ORGANIZATION or the product/service).

2.Takea step back, and describe or define the NATURE of the THING (is it aninnovation, is it some source of competitive advantage or power, is itprocess, or is it marketing) the article is seeking to convey.

3.Do some research on this topic (not just the company(ies)featured, but on the overall topic).

4.Thinking about it now, what was the key THEME/POINT of the article?

5.What other organization could benefit from knowing this “thing”?

6.Find the name of a person at this organization who should know thisinformation. List THREE key themes from this week’s readings which mightapply to this topic.

then choose the Nike as the object of recommendation(take look about the good sample)


are you recommending to do? What is the impact? What will they gain

from doing what you recommend? (make sure you figure out the “thing”

from the article. The strategy. And then apply it to the company you

work for) Need to work on making your memo more concise, clear and


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