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Describe And Analyse Different Aspects Of Human Resource Management Practices And Leadership Behaviour

Submit a paper of 2000 words that analyses human resource management activities in your case project (e.g., human resource management planning, project team acquisition, development and management of the project team members, etc.) and also anlayses the leadership behaviours presented by the project leader. The project leader can be the manager of the project you belong to or yourself if you are in a managerial position in the project.

More specifically, in this assignment you DESCRIBE AND ANALYSE different aspects of human resource management practices and leadership behaviour that you have observed or experienced during the project. This means that your case study should go beyond just describing your project and include your own analysis of the observed/experienced phenomena and your interpretations. Most importantly, you analyse your project critically and create a few recommendations regarding how to improve the human resources management practices and/or leadership behaviour for the project not only based on your logical thinking but also using existing theories of project human resource management and leadership. You may find useful organising the paper into two sections, one for discussing the human resource management practices and the other for discussing leader’s behaviour, but you may also choose not to do so if you want to integrate your discussions of the two sub-topics.

5 references required in Harvard style. Its not general Human Resources topic it is specific to Project Human Resources.

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