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Dq 2 Pathophysiology Apa Format

Please answer ONE of the following DQ’s. Please provide the questions that is being answered as the heading.

Chapter 7

A 23-year-old woman presents to the OB-GYN office you work at. She was recently surprised to learn that she is pregnant. She estimates that she is about 8 weeks along. She tells you that she regularly drinks on the weekends with her friends. She asks you “Is that a problem? As long as I don’t drink very much, I can still have a drink occasionally while I’m pregnant, right?”

a. How would you answer her questions?

b. What types of abnormalities can be caused by alcohol, and how does genetics influence this?

Chapter 10

A patient was started on an oral cancer chemotherapy agent 3 weeks ago. She calls the clinic to report a fever of 103.5°F (39.4°C) and stomach cramping. You advise her to come in for a workup to determine the cause of her fever and treat appropriately.

a. What are the most likely causes of her fever?

b. What assessment and laboratory criteria would help differentiate between these causes?

Chapter 12

A 19-year-old college sophomore presents complaining of frequent diarrhea, abdominal cramping, and weight loss for 2 weeks. Upon further questioning, you learn that 6 weeks ago, he returned from an overseas summer trip to Africa. You suspect he has a parasitic GI infection.

a. If he asked you how it is possible he could have gotten such an infection weeks ago but not had symptoms until recently, how would you respond?

b. What other illnesses might you consider that may be responsible for his symptoms?

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