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Econ314 One Homework One Discussion

This Discussion Board is graded based upon your ability to relate Chapter # 12: “Monopoly and Monopsony” to the topic(s) under discussion: “6. Monopoly”and “P12.4. Tying Contracts; page 408, Textbook” the level to which you support your point with specific examples and your writing.

Discussion Board # 7 requires that you make two postings to this forum. Click on the website and watch the video: “6. Monopoly”and/or read “P12.4. Tying Contracts; page 408, Textbook” The video uses the stories of Standard Oil, AT$T, and Microsoft Corporation to demonstrate the power, importance, and problems of monoplies. “Tying Contracts” discusses the anticompetitive behavior of Microsoft Corporation. You may answer questions related to “Tying Contracts” to make your posting.

Express your view in a post of at least 100 words and at most 200 words. Then read the postings of other students and select one to respond to (at least 50 words and at most 100 words).

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