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Humanities Quiz 3

Essay Reading Quiz (1)

Based on your reading of Kamp, Jillson, and Cullen what common answers are found between the three readings regarding these four questions:

1) How does each reading define the dream?

2) What historical details are given and how do they connect to the dream?

3) What examples of the successful dreams are given–common American Dreams?

4) What of patterns of inclusion/exclusion regarding access to the dream and issues of race, class, gender, and sexuality are discussed?

Your goal is to demonstrate that you understand “ALL” the readings. You should address all of them in your answers.

Simple bullet points under each question will suffice, but be detailed and specific. You must have more than four (4) items per question.

Please address the readings and learning modules as part of your response. Avoid, phrases such as: “I think,” “to me,” “in my opinion,” and “I agree.” Simply present your argument with supporting material from the documents. Feel free to use quotes & sentences from the documents as well.

Be specific and provide detailed examples.

Read every one of the attached documents and answer each question correctly and thoroughly explain each answer. Make sure you read each document thoroughly.

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