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Multi Modal Self Assessment Amp Quot Says Vs Does Quot

1. Multi-Modal Self-Assessment (800-1000 words).

Utilizing any rhetorical strategies you learned in previous writing class (or elsewhere), respond to the following series of questions in the form of a self-reflective essay that provides me with a sense of your writing life (try to write as an interesting and interested subject). Remember, you can loosely respond to these questions; they are meant to help you generate thoughts about your writing habits and process, not act as prescriptions.

Multi-Modality: Include at least THREE unique modes of representation (photos, objects, maps, original art, video, cartoons, quotes, memes, gifs) in your essay that allow you to discuss your relationship to writing in a unique way (the only criterion here is that each image accomplishes a different goal for you).

How would you characterize your current relationship to writing? Who or what event, experience, person, etc caused or contributed to your sense of yourself as a writer? Feel free to point out negatives and/or positives, but always be specific. What practices and habits of researching, arguing, writing, thinking, communicating and organizing can you articulate about yourself? (Be specific. E.g., “My ‘habits’ of researching involve Google and only Google…that is to say, I approach research with no strategy whatsoever.) Consider, for example, what you took away from previous writing class (or an equivalent freshman composition course) that you feel will help you most in this course and why.

Where do you consider that you need the most improvement? Use examples from past writing and communication projects. How would you like to evolve as a writer and researcher? (This course is about writing reserch paper) What goals have you set for yourself in this class? What have you heard about this course and what do you expect to find as a result? Do you have any anxieties about this course so far? (I know the horror stories, so feel free to say what you will). Do you feel adequately prepared for this course? What about your past or current experiences contributes to this feeling?

How do you think I can best help you meet your goals and alleviate your concerns? Don’t be anxious; I’m here to help.

2. “Says vs Does” Prezi Presentation and Beyond Words: page 7 – 24

1. Before reading the selected passage from Safina’s text, you will need to read through the presentation linked below: (Links to an external site.)

The slides I would like for you to focus on are slides 4-7, 10-11, 19-20, and 23-24

2. Read pages 7-24 from Safina’s text. (The book’s link:

3. In one file, choose TWO short passages from pp 7-24 and carry out a “says” vs “does” analysis on each passage. For example:

“A mind moves a mountainous mass of muscle and bone […] to open to the possibilities” page 7-8

“Says” –

      • He encounters a female elephant walking in his direction. He is deeply interested in what the elephants are communicating with each other

“Does” –

      • Emphasizes the cognitive and sensory functions of an elephant through the use of synecdoche: “a mind moves […] brown eyes light […]”
      • Reveres the elephant through the use of metaphor: “heralded by her own trumpet”
      • Juxtaposes the characteristics of the animal: “timeless, deadly, vulnerable”
      • Compares elephants with humans
      • Makes a proposition to delve into the previous comparison he made: “I want to listen”

***In addition to the suggested “says” vs “does” words in slide #7 in the Prezi presentation, you are more than welcome to come up with your own***

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