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Nonfiction Text Discussion

Chapter 10 discusses nonfiction children’s books. Nonfiction books provide valuable information about historical events, notable people and accomplishments, and nature. Nonfiction gives children an opportunity to see and hear different parts of the world. As with any resource you use with children, it is important to choose quality nonfiction books in the classroom.

To prepare for this discussion,

  • Read Chapters 9 and 10 of the course
  • Review “Guidelines for Choosing Quality Nonfiction” in Section 10.3 of the course text.
  • Pick one book from this list of Nonfiction Books for Children.
  • Watch the video linked to the book you chose, so you can hear the story and see the pictures.

In your initial post, due by Day 3,

  • Provide the title of your chosen book.
  • Using the guidelines listed in Section 10.3 of the course text, critique the book to determine its quality as a nonfiction text.
    • It should be 250 to 300 words.

these are the guideline which need to be use to determine its quality as a nonfiction text: The successful presentation of information for children depends on the effective interaction of four basic features, regardless of reading level and type of appeal:

  • accuracy,
  • organization,
  • visual design, and
  • style.
  • Swirl by Swirlby Joyce SidmanWKCE read-along vides – Swirl by Swirl

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