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Computer Aided Modeling And Simulation Techniques 2

Computer Aided Modeling and Simulation techniques

In process and chemical engineering, dynamic process models based on conservation laws have become an indispensable tool for the development of new processes and the improvement of existing ones. However, the development of realistic and predictive models is a challenging and time consuming task. The major targets in model building are to choose, validate and revise the physical model assumptions to accomplish the mechanistical sense. Modeling is an iterative process so as the simulation. Virtually every model of a complex process is inadequate at the beginning and requires a lot of refinements before it delivers a satisfactory result. Often, it is necessary that experts from different fields share their knowledge during the model development process. With this background

(i) Give a brief note on the role of computer aided modeling and simulation techniques for the analysis, design and control of process engineering systems.

(ii) Brief the main objectives of the computer aided modeling and simulation system.

(iii) Critically analyse the applicability, domain, features and advantages of the various simulation and modeling systems available in process engineering.

(iv) Indicate the various role that is expected from such a Computer Aided Modeling and Simulation(CAMS) system


-Include relevant pictures, diagrams, charts, graphs, tables etc for each part of the question . Give proper in-text-citations and reference (APA/Harvard style)

– Minimum 15 pages

– Headings 1-14point font, Headings 2 – 12 point font, Body text -11 point font, line spacing 1.5,font face – Times New Roman and paragraph spacing – single line spacing with no borders.

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