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Create A Health Program About Chronic Disease Associated With Obesity In Washington

Health Belief Model Essay:

Directions: Please answer the following questions in essay form. Remember, the University’s policy on plagiarism remains in effect.

The health belief model (HBM), which is the one most frequently used in health behavior applications, was developed in the 1950s by a group of psychologists to help explain why people would or would not use health services. The HBM is based on Lewin’s decision-making model (Lewin, 1935, 1936; Lewin et al., 1944). Since its creation, the HBM has been used to help explain a variety of health behaviors.

The most promising application of the HBM is for helping to develop messages that are likely to persuade individuals to make healthy decisions. In an essay describe the application of the Health Belief Model to getting a person to take a “flu shot.” Confine your answer to one page

Health Promotion Program: Fill in the missing components to this Health Promotion Program.

(Name the program,)

Program Goal: To promote health and reduce chronic disease associated with obesity among the residents of Washington

Part 1: Identify a specific Target Population ?

  1. Age –
  2. Gender –
  3. Race –
  4. Socio-economic Status –
  5. Religious beliefs –
  6. Setting of the Program
  7. Geographic area –
  8. Educational level –

List five Stakeholders of this program?






Part 2: Needs Assessment

  1. List the data that needs to be collected.

2-List the sources for the data.

3- List various ways to collect the data.

Part 3: Planning

  1. Identify who could serve on a planning committee.
  2. Is it necessary to have an advisory committee? Why or why not?
  3. How will you use these committees?

Part 4: Goals and Objectives

  1. List the social and quality of life issues in the target group (this is a best guess since this information usually comes from a needs assessment of Phase I PRECEDE-PROCEED).

Part 5: The Intervention.

Select a theory or theories as a guide in developing an intervention to address this health problem. Outline a multiactivity intervention for your program. In one paragraph, explain why you used this theory (or theories).

Part 6: Evaluation

List one possible method for a process, impact and outcome evaluation (one example for each of the three types). Link the evaluations to the objectives.

Process –

Impact –

Outcome –

Please keep the same format, p don’t but all the information together, the goal is already exists you just need to add the name of the program and answer the questions

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