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L 003 Paper

Be sure to support your writing with references to scholarly sources. Your written response must follow APA format:

Part 1

Role of Social Media in Hiring and Firing (minimum 23 pages)

Explain two viable arguments for the use of social media to make personnel decisions (e.g., selecting applicants, promoting employees, or terminating employees) and two viable arguments against the use of social media to make personnel decisions.

Describe a specific example of how an employer might use social media to make a personnel decision. Then, explain whether the employer’s use of social media in the example is ethically and legally justified and why or why not.

Part 2

Technology and Practice of I/O Psychology—Ethical and Legal Considerations (minimum 2–3 pages)

  • Identify a technology (other than social media) that poses ethical and/or legal challenges to I/O psychology practitioners. Then, describe the ethical and/or legal challenges the technology poses. Include ethical standards and/or laws that might be violated by using the technology.
  • Explain the precautions you would take when using the technology yourself and when advising the organization about how to use the technology.

Provide a citation for each resource you used to write your response to this Assessment. The following citation has been provided as an example:

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