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Mgt 302 Service Operations Management 2

According to the book Operations Management by G. Cachon and C. Terweisch

Ch 1, “Introduction to Operations Management”

Ch 2, “Introduction to Processes”

Ch 3, “Process Analysis”

Ch 4, “Process Improvement”

Ch 5, “Process Analysis with Multiple Flow Units”

Ch 8, “Lean Operations and the Toyota Production System”

Ch 9, “Quality and Statistical Process Control”

Ch 10, “Introduction to Inventory Management”

Ch 11, “Supply Chain Management”

Ch 12, “Inventory Management with Steady Demand”

Ch 13, “Inventory Management with Perishable Demand”

Ch 15, “Forecasting”

Ch 16, “Service Systems with Patient Customers”

Ch 19, “Project Management”

these chapters

Report: better no more 6 or 7 pages. + powerpoint

I wish I can get full grade on this project. The report and the powerpoint are example. Our final project should be look like this(reflect daily life,have excels, formulas,data) I don’t want you to just totally copy information from the internet.

You can write like the problems this shop/restaurant have and what is the solution.

Our project theme is Panda Express (other group did Chipotle/Popeyes/Shake Shack/apple store/Bath & body/ Banana Republic/Costco), or do you have great ideas that you want to make a project?


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