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Project On Car Manufacturing Firm

***************************************APA FORMAT*****************************************

*******************************NO PLAGARISM********************************************

***********************SATISFY BELOW MENTIONED TASKS*************************

********************* 5 – 7 PAGES*********************************************************


  • Conduct a brief, preliminary review of your case study’s organization. This review should include business mission and general purpose of data in support of mission-critical information systems.
  • Produce detailed data requirements to address the data needs of your organization. The following are criteria that you can use to organize your requirements: adaptability, business and organizational policies, change control demands, compatibility, completeness, consistency, currency, ease of use, evolution, extensibility, functional features, maintainability/manageability, performance, reliability, scalability, security, standards, support, testability, and ubiquity. You will produce requirements in at least five of the above criteria.
  • Develop a detailed data model as an EER diagram for your case study. Your model will include entity types with attributes, primary keys, and foreign keys as needed, and pertinent relationships with cardinality and integrity constraints as needed. Your data model will also come with a brief description for each entity type, attribute and relationship. Make sure to satisfy yourself that your data model is reasonably complex as explained in the guidelines under Background of Enterprise Data: Selecting your Case Study above

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