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Project Paper Great China Identity

Instructions for the Project:

Since the topics listed on syllabus are sometimes big, your group can choose to focus on one aspect of it. For example, if you choose the topic of week 1, i.e., implications of China’s rise, you can focus on the aspect of high-technology, and see how China’s tech development is taking a different path, or how such rise in high tech has changed (facilitated? contributed to? spoiled?) international technological development. The grade will be determined in two levels of assessments: first, I will assess the group’s collected efforts – ability to meet deadline, paper’s coherency, argumentation, in-depth of research, relevance of each section and so on. Second, the overall assessment of the paper will be translated into individual grades depending on each student’s contribution.

Title: Great China Identity

Length: NO LESS THAN 12 pages, 12’ font, double space in MLA

Body Paragraphs should follow these three topics:

  1. Economic development
  2. Technological development

(Example: Information Technology such as Huawei and 5G; Energy technology; Aerospace Science and Technology;…)

3. Cultural development

PS: The three body paragraphs should be written in about the same length.(4 pages for each topic) Read the required readings if you need, or you could do some other research.

Required readings:

Jenn-Hwan Wang. Border Crossing in Greater China: Production, Community and Identity. Routledge. 2015. “Introduction” (,+Community+and+Identity&source=bl&ots=Qgs10x5awq&sig=ACfU3U293gQoK2wmFMoqw-3UO9zQd0AoVQ&hl=en&sa=X&ved=2ahUKEwijn4L64O3mAhUabs0KHcXrDMwQ6AEwB3oECBMQAQ#v=onepage&q=Border%20Crossing%20in%20Greater%20China%3A%20Production%2C%20Community%20and%20Identity&f=false)

William Yat Wai Lo. “The concept of greater China in higher education: adoptions, dynamics and implications.” Comparative Education. Jan. 2016.

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