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How have foreign governments responded to the threat of radicalization?

The radicalization process can lead to violence follows a nonlinear, non-predetermined path, shaped by multiple factors- personal and collective, social and psychological. The process can be the results of the confluence of a specific personal journey and a system of beliefs justifying the use of violence, which may be exacerbated by a perceived moral threat or threat to the individual’s identity and fanned by physical and virtual social networks. ( The Radicalization Process, n.d.)

The British domestic intelligence agency (MI5) says that radicalization is the process in which people come to support terrorist and violent extremism acts or even join terrorist group.

The British government and intelligence agency (MI5) take that threat from extremists very seriously. MI5 rates the threat from international terrorism as severe and the probability of an attack as highly likely. (United Kingdom: Extremism & Counter-Extremism, 2019). The former Prime Minister Theresa May, pushed to introduce tough laws against domestic Islamic and thinks that battling extremism is one of the top priorities. The British government considers that Islamic terrorism and ISIS a huge security threat to the U.K. (United Kingdom: Extremism & Counter-Extremism, 2019)

The concern about homegrown radicalization and terrorist attacks committed by British nationals on British soil. The Prevent program, one of the Britain’s strategy to fight terrorism (Siegel, 2016). The Prevent program doesn’t include intelligence or police work (Siegel, 2016). The prevent strategy is to support people at risk of joining extremist groups and carrying out terrorist activities. This plan is aimed for police and other organizations to build relations across the UK and requires faith leaders, teachers, doctors and other to refer any suspicions about people (Reality Check: What is the Prevent strategy, 2017).

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