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Sowk 305 Social Work Among Children

Each group will be expected to select a child welfare agency in the DMV (DC metropolitan area). The analysis should comprehensively cover the following areas. Please be creative in developing your selected agency analysis. Be sure not to cut and paste or download an agency from the Web. However, you may use the Web as a guideline to develop your analysis or to critique an existing agency.

1) Discuss general information about the agency (location, age of target populations served and other demographic information)

2) The agency’s mission;

3) Purpose, goals, and objectives of the agency;

4) Service offered, including linkage services;

5) Identity whose intervention is provided by (for example, case managers, clinical social workers, and other mental health providers);

6) Identify briefly funding sources (for example, local or federal government or if the agency is private or non-profit;

7) Please include any pamphlets or other information disseminated at an agency ( this may require a visit to the agency or call contact).

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