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Write A 4 6 Page Essay About 1000 1500 Words On One Of The Paper Topics

Paper Topic 1:Tom and Carol marry with the understanding that they want to start a family together. Tom wants children, but Carol does not. Carol wants to marry Tom but deceives him by failing to tell him that she doesn’t want to have children. He devotes himself to her and works hard in the hopes of someday having a family. When she accidentally becomes pregnant, he is overjoyed; however, not wanting the pregnancy or a child, Carol has an abortion against her husband’s wishes during the second trimester. Is it morally wrong for Carol to have this abortion? Why or why not?

** The professor mentioned that it needs some evidence or quotes from some readings assigned in class.I have attached some readings that I think would be helpful and you can use other resources too. Let me know if you want me to send any other readings

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